Welcome to Turnhere Aviation

At Turnhere Aviation Pvt. Ltd. We are committed to bring the innovation to the market with the key areas of agriculture and healthcare in India. Drone, is an UAV, which has vast application in agriculture, healthcare, emergency situation, oil and gas, tropological sector, online shopping and so on so forth

We are fully equipped company with We are a full-stack drone technology company providing intelligence from aerial data. We develop deeply customized drone solutions for government and enterprise customers using its in-house hardware design, software development, and manufacturing capabilities. We are a trusted partner to provide long-term, quality-focused, and reliable products & services to the defence & homeland security, agriculture, oil & gas, energy & utilities, telecommunications, mining, and construction sectors.

Our Collection

Agri Drone

  • Currently, the farmers spray pesticides with manual hand sprays or machine sprays, which is tedious and takes a lot of time and efforts
  • Accurate, Precise spraying and gauging of the fields to find the area, and defects from the aerial passage.
  • Savings of valuable pesticides. Save time by 10x
  • We are a drone company with an effective technology which is Time saving with accuracy and with battery storage for the agriculture and industrial purpose.
  • You can customise your Drop Size, Spray width, Litres per Acre. Uniform Spray and covers the whole crop till ground.
    Use our tested chemicals and save 95% water, 95% time, 100% Health. Option to attach FPV(for live streaming on GCS) or Multispectral Camera. Dealers, Service centres. Product warranty for any manufacturing defect.

Healthcare Drone (Meghdoot)

  • The market for delivering goods is massive. Shipping, Logistics, Online shopping businesses are investing heavily in the entire supply chain upto the last mile delivery to make it fast and efficient. On the other hand, there are significant technological advances in building drones in the delivery area.
  • Through our product- “Meghdoot”, we intend to replicate urban-grade healthcare in rural areas and address unique scenarios that affect local populations. Meghdoot drones will allow the Medical teams to transport/supply medical/emergency equipment, organs, blood etc 10x faster and hassle-free.
  • Payload – Can carry upto 30 litres of weight
    Anti-collision features sich as terrain following, anti-collision sensors to all sides, real-time alerts/notification to users
    Endurance- 40 to 60 minutes