• The market for delivering goods is massive. Shipping, Logistics, Online shopping businesses are investing heavily in the entire supply chain upto the last mile delivery to make it fast and efficient. On the other hand, there are significant technological advances in building drones in the delivery area.
  • Through our product- “Meghdoot”, we intend to replicate urban-grade healthcare in rural areas and address unique scenarios that affect local populations. Meghdoot drones will allow the Medical teams to transport/supply medical/emergency equipment, organs, blood etc 10x faster and hassle-free.


  • Autonomous flights (Users can prepare a flight path, import it in the drone software and the drone will fly and land to the given destination) Available in Quad (4 arms), Hexa (6 arms) and Octa (8 arms) models
  • Payload – Can carry upto 30 litres of weight
  • Anti-collision features sich as terrain following, anti-collision sensors to all sides, real-time alerts/notification to users
  • Endurance- 40 to 60 minutes
  • Area coverage – Upto 20km per flight

Our product

  • We are an innovative and reliable drone-based hardware and software solutions that transform aerial data into actionable intelligence.
  • We make the drone technology use for the farming and agriculture which makes the farming efficient and cost effective which consist of 15 percent of the GDP of India
  • Its digital technology
  • Its GPS systems with very accurate and precise for mapping purposes Digital embedded . Software base / artificial intelligence